Client Testimonial; …good signs that he is a loyal “people person”.

By February 3, 2016FaceBook, testimonials

Hello! It feels a little awkward “evaluating” (name withheld for privacy) after 1 encounter but I understand the need to provide you with my first impressions, and I will do so in hopes of not being too judgmental.☺️. 
+ It was great news that he lives locally. That was really good news as I prefer someone who lives in close proximity.
+ He is very interested in travel, including international and has traveled quite extensively. That was very attractive to me since I love traveling so much and I enjoyed chatting about our travels, our travel bucket lists, etc. 
+ He was certainly well spoken and intelligent.
+ He seems to have a variety of interests including theater, volunteering, hiking, etc. Like me, he appears to be a person who doesn’t let moss grow under his feet.
+ His grown son came up in the conversation a number of times and it appears that he has a good relationship with his son. He also seems to have many longstanding friends. Both of these are good signs that he is a loyal “people person”.

~C.P., California