Valenti Matchmaking Hello LoveIs Traditional Matchmaking for You?

You don’t know until you try. When I started Valenti Matchmaking in 1990, the business model didn’t exist. Many of my friends were feeling like you do – they had been highly successful in their professional lives and were not having luck finding success in their personal lives.

I set out to make a difference in the lives of a worldwide clientele of quality individuals through a private, genuine and highly selective process. Valenti Matchmaking is not a dating service – we are the only company in the world who consistently attracts, and successfully matches, the world’s most successful clients.

The secret? Successful people don’t rely on luck. They make a plan, hire the best and move toward the goal with the utmost efficiency.

Irene Valenti, Relationship Expert & Matchmaker, with the Love Ambassadors

Irene Valenti, Relationship Expert & Matchmaker, with the Love Ambassadors

Busy professionals spend every hour thinking about how to grow their success. Early mornings, late nights and fast-moving agendas leave little time for personal lives. Many matchmaking clients have not only achieved the highest echelon in professional success, but have something else in common – the desire to meet a loving companion. Does this describe you?

When we think about what is truly important, the most highly valued aspect in life is having a loving relationship. Through the matchmaking process, you will not only gain personal confidence, but discover a great deal about yourself as well. Select a company known for impeccable discretion, exceptional client care and service. Get to know them – and decide based on your experience if they are a fit for you. Just as you hire the very best financial planner, hiring an expert matchmaker is an investment in your future.

When you are ready to embark on the matchmaking journey, you are committed to actively looking for a relationship, as opposed to casually dating. Valenti Matchmaking clients include some of the most influential people in the world.

You don’t know until you try. If you, or someone you know, would like to find that special someone, please call me today at Valenti International at +1-858-759-9239.

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