Just a note to follow up on my date with my match this past weekend. He contacted me last Thursday and we met in San Diego on Saturday/Sunday. First of all, like any newbie in this process I was super nervous and full of doubts about the process not the person whom I was meeting. However, I really enjoyed meeting a handsome, fun, gentlemanly, impressive man like Him. I am very impressed with the match you guys made and really excited about the whole experience/process. I really like him and look forward to having more opportunities to get to know him better now that I feel more relaxed. We both had a really good time from the moment he arrived until his departure on Sunday. I also look forward to hear any feedback from your end (if applicable) once he has shared his impressions.

I want to thank your team of psychologists for the time spent in getting to know me and for returning my call and listening to my feedback and explaining a bit more on the process. Again, I am very impressed with the match (I like him more than I ever thought I would), satisfied with the service received, and excited about the future.

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