February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day tips from Ms. Irene Valenti

January 26, 2018 in FaceBook, Twitter, valenti-news

6 texts you should never send your significant other

Texting your significant other should be easy. But sometimes, all it takes is one stray ‘K’ or a message ‘read’ without a reply to start an argument. Texting may be a quick and easy way to communicate, but it lacks the ability to convey emotional tone and context. It’s critical to add an extra few words to be certain your message is not misinterpreted. Here are six things you should never say to your significant other via text. Unfortunately, it’s common sense texting etiquette that’s surprisingly uncommon. 1) Dismissive texts like ‘K,’ ‘Whatever’ or ‘NVM’ This is the proverbial middle finger text. …
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January 22, 2018 in FaceBook, Twitter, valenti-news

10 Tips for the Perfect Companionship

Companionship is that state of being friends, a closeness or familiarity, a true connection between two people who are truly connected. Companionship can come with or without a sexual aspect, and it goes much deeper than “friends with benefits.” It lasts beyond hardship, cooled passion or the ordinariness of life. Many people are torn between companionship and romantic love because they crave passion. People who offer companionship put into the relationship their effort, concern and time. Companionship is lasting, and if it is coupled with sexual desire, can be an experience that goes far beyond erotica and into a true state…
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January 10, 2018 in valenti-news

Why We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

  Finding a healthy, balanced relationship is never easy, but when you doubt yourself or believe you don’t deserve true love, it can be doubly painful. The team at Valenti Matchmaking understands this and is here to help. The first step is learning to accept yourself and to believe that you do deserve a deeply meaningful and fulfilling relationship. We found this insightful article with a professional view about how to accept yourself and find the true love you deserve.   Why We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve by Nikki Martinez, Psy.D, LCPC This is a topic that…
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December 21, 2017 in testimonials

She is Intelligent and fun

"We met for dinner last night and had a very nice time. She’s intelligent and fun, has a very attractive figure, is in great shape, and is very comfortable in her own skin. I liked her very much and we are going out again for dinner next week. All good!! Will keep you posted..." - Client
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