….Can I see you again?

By September 24, 2015FaceBook

So you had a first date and you really enjoyed the evening, you would like to see them again. Here is how to tell them in a few different languages (these may not be 100% accurate as they were translated online).

Beautiful date

English:   I had a good evening, can I see you again?

French:   Je ai eu une bonne soirée , je peux vous revoir?

Hungarian:   Jol eresztem magma, lathatlak ujra?

Spanish:   Me la pase bien, ¿puedo verte de nuevo?

Italian:   Ho avuto una buona serata , posso rivederti?

German:   Ich hatte einen guten Abend , ich kann dich wieder zu sehen?



Photo credit:   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/32158584811834374/