Client Testimonial: Flowers and French Chocolates

By May 9, 2016testimonials

Karina and Irene,

I just wanted to let you know that I totally fell in love with A.D . I will send a more detailed feedback but she is exactly what I was looking for and we share the same perspective on life.

I wanted to see with you if you could arrange to send flowers to A.D, or if she would be OK for you to give me her address so I could arrange that myself since I would love to add some French chocolate to it.

Also please let me know if A.D is on the same vibe about me. 

Thanks for being in touch.

Thanks for insisting about meeting with A.D.

Bonne journée, 

Best Regards, 


Valenti couple that met May 8th, 2016. Couple met in Beautiful Riverside, CA.