Client Testimonial; A very pleasant evening indeed. . .

By October 5, 2015FaceBook, testimonials

I had the pleasure of meeting (name withheld for privacy) yesterday evening at the Renato’s Restaurant Palm Beach. The restaurant location was excellent and a great place to meet; they provided a nice open air table with a nice quiet atmosphere. 

I arrived to the restaurant early and (name withheld for privacy) arrived quite shortly after, beautifully dressed in a black dress and gold heels, lovely brown eyes and long brown hair.

Through the evening we talked around our backgrounds, education, family, work, my plans for my time here and a little around hobbies etc. Later in the evening, I felt a level of ease an interest in talking with (name withheld for privacy), so I elected to present an option to meet again later during my short time here in Florida. 

I believe we may be meeting again this weekend in Palm Beach. A very pleasant evening indeed.

~P.M., United Kingdom