Client Experiences

(Confidentiality is priority one at Valenti. All client testimonials have been edited to preserve anonymity) When planning a romantic evening, some of the many challenges facing both single men and women are not only finding the time, but also making the right choices. A lack of such planning significantly interferes with a couple’s first introduction, and in many cases, can prevent them from actually meeting. This can often lead to a lot of frustration and start to take away from the excitement and joy of this process. At Valenti, we wondered what we could do to address this issue and help our Clients. That is how the Valenti Concierge Experience was born. The Valenti Concierge Experience is a full service in-house department that manages every aspect of your initial romantic rendezvous. Meeting that special person should be perfect. Nothing should be left to luck or chance. From the venue, transportation, cuisine and timing, all details are carefully tailored to meet the desires and privacy needs of our clients worldwide. The way in which we introduce our clients to one another is safe, sophisticated and very romantic.

When Steve Met Veronica

Who: Steve (55) from Los Angeles, CA and Veronica (53) Phoenix, AZ When: They met on September 3rd at 5:30 Where: Las Vegas to see Earth, Wind and Fire in concert How: Veronica was initially hesitant to go to a concert with Steve for their first meeting, but she loves Earth, Wind and Fire and thought it would be a fun evening! The Valenti Concierge Team met with Irene Valenti to get her input and Irene thought it was a fabulous idea. Steve is one of the warmest people you will ever meet and not surprisingly, he offered to pay for her flight, car service, hotel, dinner and concert tickets. He picked her up at 5:30pm at the Ritz Marina del Rey hotel. We arranged for them to have dinner at the Hollywood Bowl where the concert took place. Steve wanted us to let her know prior to their date that he is happy she likes Earth, Wind and Fire and he will sing to her as long as she doesn’t get a headache from his singing. We let both of them know that they could dress more on the casual side. We talked to Steve about his attire and we suggested that he wear a great pair of jeans and a nice shirt.

When Neil Met Courtney

Who: Neil (44) from Montgomery, AL and Courtney (36) from Atlanta, GA When: They met on July 12th at 7:00 PM Where: 4th & Swift – Atlanta, GA How: We found an elegant restaurant that was romantic without all the fussiness. Renowned Chef and owner of 4th & Swift, Jay Swift, helped make the evening memorable. Courtney’s Feedback: “Thank you for the introduction with Neil. You were correct in describing him as true gentlemen. He is indeed a lovely person. I really enjoyed his company. Personality wise he is a wonderful fit for me! He’s lighthearted, positive and fun; an inspiring individual and his passions are very attractive. We had a lot of fun! He is such an engaging person and I plan to go out on some more dates and see how it goes. I will keep you updated.” -Courtney

When Paul Met Alice

Who: Paul (61) from Canada and Alice (65) from Kansas When: They met on July 3rd at 5:30 PM Where: Lakeside Club –Wichita, KS How: Paul, proposed that he would fly to Kansas to meet Alice. Alice worked directly with our concierge to determine the best place for them to meet in her hometown. She requested that they meet at the Lakeside Club Country Club, since her favorite chef is there. Paul, also working directly with our concierge, thought that would be a great idea.

When George Met Cassandra

Who: George (47) from Los Angeles and Cassandra (45) from La Jolla When: They met on May 4th at 7:30 PM Where: Nine-Ten – La Jolla, CA How: The Valenti Matchmaking Team introduced George and Cassandra to one another on May 3rd, and by 2pm the same day we had them scheduled to meet the next evening at a hip and modern restaurant in beautiful downtown La Jolla, CA. George’s Feedback: “I have to say that the drive to La Jolla on a Friday afternoon was bad (almost 4 hours). I had to text Cassandra and call the restaurant to postpone our reservation to 8pm, but I don’t regret it one second. I really enjoyed meeting, dining and sharing the evening with Cassandra. I have to say she is the best introduction so far and the kind of person I was expecting to meet signing with Valenti. I find her very attractive with a peaceful charm. She has beautiful eyes and I like her smile. She is very open, friendly and has a sense of humor, she seems to be a happy person and content with what she has achieved. She has great education and she has been traveling. She is curious about things. She loves to travel to France and I think we have much in common. We had a good time talking and discovering each other and I really believe the feeling was shared. Time seemed to pass quickly and I could have talked with Cassandra few more hours. Cassandra mentioned that she wants to stay in touch and so do I.” -George

When Walter Met Sandra

Who: Walter (58) from Vista, CA and Sandra (57) from Mexico City, MX When: They met on September 29th at 8:30 PM Where: Dulce Patria – Mexico City, MX How: Walter offered to travel from San Diego to Mexico City to meet Sandra. Sandra suggested to the concierge a nice Hotel for Walter and we booked a room at the JW Marriott Hotel. We scheduled a car service to pick him up from the airport to the hotel. Sandra offered to drive to Walter’s hotel so that they could drive to dinner together. Sandra’s Feedback: “We had a very nice time. We took time to have dinner on Thursday, lunch on Friday, dinner on Friday and even some salsa dancing in the evening. It is worthwhile to have the opportunity to be friends first, and we are making plans to meet again. Thanks!” -Sandra

When David Met Kelly

Who: David (48) from Richmond, Virginia and Kelly (49) from Miami FL When: They met on March 9th at 9:00 PM Where: Prime Italian – Miami Beach, FL How: The challenge here for the Concierge was getting David to set a firm date of his availability. Once we received a confirmed date from him, we scheduled their first meeting the same day of Kelly’s photo shoot interview. We worked hard to determine the ideal spot for the couple to meet that was in close proximity to the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, Kelly had an important red carpet event and she was able to walk over to the restaurant.

When Peter met Rebecca

Who: Peter (62) from Weeki Wachee, FL and Rebecca (69) from Brighton, Michigan When: They met on May 8th Where: Cafe Zola (2:30) & The Earle Downtown (7:30) in Ann Arbor, Michigan How: It took a couple of weeks to find a convenient date for Peter to fly out to meet Rebecca as he had some work deadlines. We also simultaneously obtained her dates of availability. During the introduction process, the Matchmaking Team mentioned to Peter that Rebecca enjoyed going out dancing. Peter asked us to find out what level of dance Rebecca was at and her favorite dance style. He wanted to incorporate a dance lesson to the concierge and hopefully go out dancing after dinner. Rebecca provided the best location for them to meet since where she lives is very remote. Before their evening together, Rebecca actually came to the Valenti Estate and spoke with Ms. Irene for some coaching. They decided she would get a limo and be dressed up and greet him at the airport. The driver would open the door and have her come out of the limo and greet him. We made reservations for them to meet for lunch, then dinner and dancing. Peter had called the restaurant ahead of time to have flowers delivered to the restaurant and request a special table. They had the most incredible time together and they had to postpone dancing because they just couldn’t stop talking to each other! Their introduction was perfection. Rebecca’s Feedback: “I must tell you that I was absolutely delighted to meet and spend time with Peter. Our time together was beyond my wildest dreams. What a wonderful human being he is. Your arrangements were superb! I met him in my town car at the airport, where I stepped out and welcomed him to Michigan, and thanked him for coming. We talked very comfortably all the way from the airport to our luncheon destination. From there we went on to Cafe Zola. It was yummy and we continued to talk and get to know each other. We were so engrossed in conversation that at around 5:30 the wait staff asked us if we would mind being moved to another table so that they could set up for dinner. We laughed that we had “closed up the place.” I offered to drop him at his hotel for a little quiet time and a chance to freshen up before dinner. Instead he said he preferred to spend more time with me, so we went on to my home to visit. After meeting and talking to him I was, to my surprise, perfectly comfortable doing this. We were so avidly into conversation that I had to call to make our dinner reservation later twice because we were enjoying our conversation so much. It was hard to break away from our conversation so that could change and freshen up for dinner! When we arrived at the restaurant, the Maitre D ushered us to a wonderful quiet table by the wall, and luckily a trio was still playing. On the table was a beautiful huge deep rose colored peony in a crystal bowl, and on the table was a small florists box with delicate gossamer lavender ribbon and a card that said, “Rebecca.” I was blown away to say the least. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had no time to make all these arrangements as we had been together ALL DAY. I couldn’t believe it. It had all been planned in advance. We kept talking avidly and we stayed until after the whole restaurant had cleared and there were no more diners or wait staff there and we had not even noticed!!! Though it was really late we continued to talk and enjoy each other’s company when we got back to his hotel to drop him there. By the time we parted it was 2:00am. And it was hard to part but we were both very tired. Steven asked me to call after I got home, though I knew that he was totally exhausted, so that he would know that I got home safely. I couldn’t believe what a gentleman he is and how kind and thoughtful and gracious he is. We spent all of the next day and evening together still totally enraptured with each other’s company. What an amazing human being he is. I have never been treated with such consideration and kindness in my life, and I felt like we had such emotional simpatico. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts to help me find the love of my life. I think that we have lots of possibilities. I look forward to hearing from him again and we still have much to share with each other. Steven said that he thought that it would take a year for us to get through all the things we would like to share with each other and do together. This last weekend has been the most amazing and enjoyable weekend of my life. Words can’t express how much I thank you for introducing us. I am in awe, and quite star-struck. I never expected there was any chance it would go like that and I am so very grateful for all your efforts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!” -Rebecca Peter’s Feedback: Irene spoke with Peter to gather his feedback regarding Rebecca. He said it was great in every way – he had an amazing weekend. He said to Irene, “If my life ended today, I would be happy.” He wants to see her again and will be calling her today to make arrangements.