Exclusive Matchmaking

In this ever-changing world, finding the right partner is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more successful singles are turning to exclusive matchmaking to assist with finding true love. Valenti Matchmaking has had twenty-seven years of experience as the premier matchmaker worldwide.

Irene Valenti founded Valenti Matchmaking with the belief that the more one has to offer, the harder it is to find the right, special partner. With greater life experiences and accomplishments, it can be more difficult to find someone who has experienced a similar lifestyle. Without similar perspectives, people can have very different values, priorities and goals in life. Many clients who come to Valenti share storied about how past relationships have faded or abruptly ended due to the couple not really understanding each other. While the old saying “opposites attract” sounds appealing and on some levels can be useful, the core values and experiences in life should be more similar than different for a lasting connection to form. With such commonality, we have found that people can then be free to be themselves. They can enjoy life in the manner that they have worked very hard to achieve. When the initial excitement of a new relationship settles down, it is vital for there to be common ground between the couple in a relationship. The team at Valenti has often heard from its clients that they felt alone in past relationships, since their partner had such different interests of lifestyles. They wished to have someone who understood them and their priorities. Life is so much sweeter when it is shared with someone who genuinely appreciates it!

Another reason why people seek out exclusive matchmaking is to find a person who wants them for the right reasons. When someone is very accomplished or lives a high profile life, it can be very easy to attract a relationship for the wrong reasons. Financial or social status may attract others who are seeking to add to their own life instead searching for loving relationship. Clients have repeatedly shared their stories with us about being courted and pursued by attractive, even younger people who proclaim their love and devotion quickly in the relationship. Things seem to develop quickly, but then the relationship then starts focusing on gifts, trips, or outright financial support. It can be heartbreaking when one realizes that one’s romantic partner was not there for them but what they had.

Exclusive matchmaking is an approach that is highly selective and seeks to find only people who are ready for a healthy relationship for the right reasons. Valenti has always been a pioneer in matchmaking. Irene Valenti recognized that a new means of connecting people together was needed. Traditional matchmaking relied on taking time to understand what matters most about a person. This understanding is not just about what they want, but also include what they believe and hope for in life. The team of matchmakers at Valenti achieves a profound understanding about what is most important for each client, which allows them to selectively search for the perfect match for each person. Exclusive matchmaking is about finding the core of a person and being able to successfully connect them to someone who is truly and deeply compatible. 

The doctors and experts on human behavior are at the foundation of forming a deep understanding about Valenti’s clients. Each client has a one on one personal conversation with one of Valenti’s doctors in whom they can share not just the qualities they are seeking in a mate, but also share their past and origins. It is this unique approach that allows people to feel understood and heard. Deep meaningful communication is the only way that both relationships and matchmaking can be successful. Everything from cultural experiences to romantic keystones are factored into finding the right match. Life and family goals need to be in harmony for a lasting relationship to develop. However, the journey of discovery does not end at the interview. The Valenti team continues its dialogue with each client throughout each introduction. Gathering each person’s experiences is vital to further our understanding about what matters most. The team wants each client to view this as a growth experience. We also are happy to provide helpful feedback to our clients to be sure they are at their best and open to personal growth.

Valenti’s exclusive matchmaking is not about having as many matches as possible for each of our clients. It is focused on excluding those matches that have no chance for success. We value our client’s time and only approach them with an introduction when we firmly believe they might be the one! In a world that is increasingly complex, Valenti strives to make the search for love easier, attainable and joyful!