What makes Valenti International unique from other Matchmakers?

• The caliber of our clientele: self-made, kind hearted, commitment-minded, high net-worth and philanthropic.
• Full time psychologists profile potential clients to verify who they are and get to know them personally so they can be matched successfully
• Both male and female clients pay a fee.  Every client is willing to make a commitment and an investment.
• Are clients are private people, and confidentiality is guaranteed
• 5 Star Concierge experience is used to introduce our clients in a classy and romantic way taking the pressure off of both parties.

More and executives and professionals are choosing a marriage matchmaker to assist in finding the right person to share their life.  Leaving your personal life to chance is frequently disappointing and potentially risky. Y you wouldn’t hesitate to hire an attorney for legal matters or a professional accountant for taxes, why not a marriage matchmaker?

A cornerstone of Valenti International is the use of psychologists, skilled professionals and over 20 years of experience and success. The psychological profiling process at Valenti reveals the essential qualities and characteristics needed to develop a healthy romantic partnership, while also evaluating emotional stability and readiness for commitment or marriage.

As a global company, Valenti caters to clients all over the world from 57 different countries.  Clients span from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, throughout Europe and beyond.  This results in having clients who are diverse and multi-cultural.  It also widens the scope of opportunity for our client introductions, increasing the likelihood that our clients will find the right match.

Valenti International is a highly individualized, personal and absolutely discreet service. What could be better than your own personal matchmaker?  Under the direction of Founder & Matchmaker, Irene Valenti, a team of psychologists and relationship experts complete the Matchmaking team.  Valenti International is not anything like online dating.  We recognize that every person is unique and requires a customized and personal approach.