The more one has to offer, the harder it is to find the right partner

Valenti Matchmaking was founded twenty-seven years ago in order to help an amazing group of people who were underserved in the matchmaking industry. Irene Valenti discovered in her experience that the more one has to offer in life, the harder it is to find the right, special partner. It is a bit of a paradox, as people who seem to have everything in life are often the loneliest.

Valenti Matchmaking has been a pioneer in the matchmaking industry, creating a service for working with an amazing, elite clientele. The team is still approached by clients who recall our advertisements in airline magazines many years ago. While Valenti has evolved in their marketing and others have followed in our wake, Valenti still remains the choice for the discerning person seeking exclusive matchmaking.

Individuals that live an elevated life can have more challenges when seeking a romantic partner. Some of the ways that this can be seen has been shared with us over our many years of matchmaking experience:

  1. Being sought out for financial gain. Quite often when someone achieves a luxurious lifestyle after years of hard work, they can become the target of people seeking to add to their own life. This can range from people mainly seeking financial support from their partner to those outright wanting to defraud. High profile individuals have to be more on guard these days when entering the dating landscape.
  1. A higher level of socio-economic status comes with higher levels of responsibilities. Clients who are leaders in their field must also content with the many demands that come with such a position. For example, CEO’s work long hours and have to travel quite frequently. This cuts into the time and energy that they have to have a private life. They must also be considerate that their well being can affect the wellbeing of their company and employees. When a new relationship enters their lives, things like pre-nuptial agreements can sometimes be a difficult issue, especially when there is a large difference in financial lifestyle between the couple.
  1. When one’s partner comes from a different lifestyle, this can be another hurdle in the relationship.  If the difference is a financial one, it can lead to one party feeling uncomfortable if they cannot match the style that the other is accustomed to. For example, always flying coach vs. first class. If the difference is a cultural one, this too can become a stressor if one party does not feel free to enjoy the culture or traditions that they feel is familiar and normal.

The team at Valenti Matchmaking deeply respects how lifestyle can impact relationships. It’s one of the very important factors that go into the creation of each and every match. Sometimes it’s about finding a match who is more of an equal in life. In our years of experience, we have found that often when there is more equality in a relationship, there can be more mutual understanding and respect. With a more even playing field, lives can come together more smoothly. We also understand that people are deeply profound, with many facets. Our matchmaking process does not just look at income or education, but at each person’s character and perspective. Even if there are differences in life experiences or accomplishment, if there is common ground in how two people view and value things in life, there can be a space for love. The matchmaking team at Valenti looks at a totality of a person to find a match that will work at all levels.  

We firmly believe that everyone should be free to be themselves. One of life’s great joys is being loved and accepted by their romantic partner for who they are. While no relationship is perfect, starting from a place of openness, respect and equality can help build a foundation that can grow into lifelong love. Valenti Matchmaking is the undisputed expert in helping amazing people find an equally fabulous love.