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“I believe the more you have to offer, the harder it is to find that special relationship.”

Irene Valenti

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Irene Valenti
President & Founder

Since 1990, Valenti Matchmaking has helped today’s most successful men and women find a partner to share their life with. Founder Irene Valenti is renowned for pioneering what is now known as matchmaking. The organization’s core philosophy is Matchmaking In The European Tradition, an approach that embodies the heritage of the village matriarch who personally introduced people she believed would fall in love.

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Who we are

Valenti Matchmaking is the only Professional Matchmaker of its kind to consistently attract a worldwide clientele of quality individuals.  We are exclusive curators of relationships and matchmaking in the European tradition. Clients from across the world seek our guidance in their quest for a suitable and compatible life partner.

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Our clients’ privacy is safeguarded with 100% confidentiality. Due to the nature of our very personal business, we uphold the highest standards in discretion and privacy. Valenti Matchmaking is the only company of its kind who consistently produces results for worldwide clientele of quality individuals in their quest for a suitable and compatible life partner.