Irene Valenti, Relationship Expert & Professional MatchmakerIrene Valenti, Relationship Expert & Professional Matchmaker
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Why Valenti Matchmaking is Unique:

  • Valenti Matchmaking is not a dating service. Irene Valenti, along with her matchmaking team, attracts the world’s finest, eligible men and women
  • Our five-star Valenti Concierge Experience
  • Live relationship coaching and introduction feedback provided by our matchmaking team
  • Half of Valenti’s fee is paid on contingency – our incentive to be successful
  • Clients benefit from communication with staff psychologists

Matchmaking in the European Tradition

You want to fall in love and share your life with a committed partner. We match couples that share that same goal. You are in the right place. We are the original, recognized leader in matchmaking, providing an unparalleled experience and complete discretion. Valenti Matchmaking Valenti Matchmaking provides a highly customized service to accomplished, successful and attractive men, women and traditional families.By nature, most people are reluctant to admit that finding a suitable mate may require assistance. Such a search is remarkably complicated without the help of a professional matchmaker, especially when you consider what is at stake. Valenti Matchmaking employs a full-time team of psychologists who get to know and understand the client’s personal needs. This is a one-of-a-kind approach, and an integral part of the Valenti Experience. We live in an expansive global world, a world without geographic limitations. Valenti Matchmaking embraces the opportunities that come with an expanded, borderless search for that one, perfect match.