The Psychology Behind Love and Romance

By September 28, 2016valenti-news

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Understanding the psychological processes underlying love and romance can be a wonderful way to enhance the quality of life. The team at Valenti International utilizes experts in human psychology in its process to have the best possible success in matchmaking for its clients. This interesting article describes how both biology and past experiences can shape how people experience and seek out love. While there is no doubt that the excitement and passion that is experienced in new love has its biological components, it is the perceptions and interpretations that we make that can lead to a long term love or a quick fling. Successful relationships are ones that are able to keep passionate flames alive, while allowing both partners in the couple to grow together. Key in this is to have an awareness about how past relationships can affect but not necessarily dictate what will develop in a new relationship. Sometimes people may unconsciously be attracted to people with similar traits to past lovers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if left unexamined, could lead people to repeating patterns in unsuccessful relationships. The team at Valenti International is there to assist people in not just meeting new, exciting people for a committed relationship. The team is there to help people grow and learn about themselves by our feedback process.