Tips from Successful Marriage Partners

By May 2, 2014valenti-news

Ever wonder what it takes to sustain a successful marriage? The Huffington Post recently asked their readers to share the best advice they’ve received from couples they know who’ve been married 30+ years. Following is a list of nine tips:

Couple Love

  1. Never go to bed angry at each other, or if you do, display some form of affection.
  2. Tell your spouse how beautiful they are and take the time to share a kiss or a dance.
  3. Don’t hold grudges, forgive and remember why you fell in love in the first place.
  4. Avoid tackling arduous tasks together.
  5. Equally divide responsibilities and decision-making.
  6. Ignore societal views on marriage; view marriage on your own terms.
  7. Share a goodnight kiss every night.
  8. Give more than you receive.
  9. Marry someone who is your best friend and take time to enjoy his or her company.


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