“We have much in common…”

By April 30, 2015testimonials

It was a pleasure to meet (name withheld for privacy) at Fig and Olive, Friday (date withheld). The restaurant was a great choice and we both enjoyed the food.I think we both really had a good time dinning and sharing the evening together.

Even though she is petite, I thought (name withheld for privacy) is attractive with a peppy charm. She is very joyful, friendly and has a great sense of humor, she seems to be a happy person and content with what she achieved both in her professional and personal life. She is curious about things and asked a lot of question about my work and what I like.

She has been traveling and loves to travel with relatives in France and all over the world. She speaks a little French and I think we have much in common about how we foresee a relationship and how we see life in general.

~Client in CA