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“I met my introduction and he’s very charming. He has a personality that keeps you engaged! We talked about meeting up again maybe in Arizona at a spa.” -Client

One spring afternoon in Atlanta, when my daughter was three-years-old, she invited a friend from daycare to walk to the neighborhood playground with us. We were holding hands and walking together when suddenly our houseguest broke away and dashed ahead towards the shade of a huge pine tree. She squatted down, turned her excited eyes...

Of all the goals people set in life, two stand out: success in our personal and professional lives. It turns out, these two are interdependent. Personal success supports and reinforces professional success. Professional success reinforces personal success. And together, they reinforce life’s most important pursuit — happiness. That’s why both goals are on top of...

Over the course of several years, my beloved husband and I transformed our lightning storm of a marriage into a harmonious partnership that sings in every way. There is still a tremendous amount of passion in our relationship, but we’ve found a way to harness any possible volatility, and cultivate a union based on honesty,...

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