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Do you have a relationship question, a question about bringing happiness back into your marriage or you are a successful person who cannot seem to find the right caliber companion? Just ask Irene!
On Tuesday, November 3rd from 11:00am PST – 3:00pm PST, the leader in matchmaking and also relationship expert, Irene Valenti will be live to answer your questions. 
Please do not ask your questions in advance. She will answer each and every one on Tuesday, November 3rd. 
Irene & Chubby Checker
What:   Ask Irene, Live!
When:   Tuesday, November 3rd
Where:   Valenti International Facebook page.
How:   We will have an Ask Irene post on Facebook at 11:00am PST, please post your questions in the Comments below it and Irene will reply to you personally below your comment.
Irene looks forward to all of your questions!

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