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Helping Our Clients Through All Stages of Relationships for More Than Thirty Years.The Valenti Experience

"For many of my clients, ultimate success means being introduced to the love of their life whether that exists in the form of marriage, or a committed and loving romantic relationship. Others however, simply desire a little guidance and support along with selective introductions to like-minded, compatible individuals. They seek a safe and romantic way to meet quality individuals of all ages at similar stages on their relationship journey. We are experts in meeting our clients wherever they are on their path and we are highly equipped to assist them in achieving their personal relationship goals." -Irene Valenti, founder Valenti International Matchmaking.

Valenti was right on the mark with our introduction

From our first date, we both knew it.  By seeing each other in person, the chemistry that existed between us in our long conversations over the telephone was solidified.  Mind you, talking on the phone extensively is not recommended by Valenti before the first date – but we could not resist! I never thought I would find the whole package – He is handsome, successful, spiritual, passionate, generous, loving, comes from a great family and can adapt to any environment.

We have already started talking about marriage and a family.  He wants four kids; we’ll see about that.  He is willing to move to my hometown if we decide to get engaged, which would be my dream come true!

Valenti was right on the mark with our introduction and Irene and Dr. Hoyt have been extremely helpful in guiding me along my journey towards a committed relationship.  The entire Valenti team is extremely professional, experienced and dedicated to their work.  I am so grateful that I made this decision for my life.


– Kate K. La Jolla, CA

I never imagined that I would meet someone as ideal for me

Bernard and I are doing very well indeed! We’ve just come back from a trip to Maui and I got to spend some time with his parents who are lovely people. I’m off to Canada tomorrow to collect my final things and drive down with my parents. We should have a few weeks in June with my folks and Bernard’s mom here so we can all get comfortable with one another.

I never imagined that I would meet someone as ideal for me, someone with whom the compromises between us would be so few (if any at all), as with Bernard. He is an amazing man and I’m so thrilled to have found him, with your help! I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon. Thank you all!


– Nicole P. Calgary Southwest, Canada

I truly have fallen head over heels for this man

Thank you, Thank you!!!! I have been so Happy since the day you all placed Jack. into my life, I truly thought I was going to just be alone forever. He is so Kind and giving, loving and sweet, he truly is everything I could ever have hoped for…

So I wanted to say Thank you for bringing the love of my life into my life… I truly have fallen head over heels for this man… He is so very special. I know its rather fast, but when it’s right, it’s just right! So again thank you for making me the happiest girl ever!!!!


– Rachelle M. Los Angeles, CA

All of us are very happy and are looking forward to being together

Edward and I are doing great. Recently we got engaged! All of us are very happy and are looking forward to being together. Ed is amazing!  Most importantly, our kids get along! Thank you so much for bringing us together. We couldn’t be happier!


– Naomi D. Livonia, MI

Absolutely right on the money

Just a quick note on Phoebe. You guys nailed that one. Absolutely right on the money in what I am looking for (at least so far). We plan to see each other again for a few days this next weekend, but I expect it to go well. She seems to understand what making a commitment means. Thank you for that introduction. Job well done!


– Jacob M. Vancouver, WA


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