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by, Rachel Warren   Although there has been a long-time misconception that same sex couples and opposite sex couples are two entirely different things, our experts here at Valenti understand that they are not.   Love is love…. Chemistry between two people exists or does not.     Here are some tips for all couples to keep...

Researchers have long known that couples that practice hobbies together can be happier. The shared experience of doing an activity that each enjoys can strengthen the relationship. Sounds easy, but it can also lead to a lot of tension and conflict if not done properly. Sometimes people meet via their shared passion, but more often...

Dating in today’s world has changed, but this can be an advantage for a true gentleman. Etiquette and classic styles are being seen less and less in today’s dating landscape. While some people look at the manners and formality of world like Downton Abbey as almost comical, the impressions that we internalize about ladies and...

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